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Hubbard Brook single-tree Biomass program!

This program calculates the biomass for individual trees and their parts (bole wood, bole bark, branches, etc.) at Hubbard Brook, online and on the fly!!  A new option lets you summarize the amount of various elements in the plant tissues in grams per plant part and summarized for the whole tree.

Please do not use any of these numbers in any official way without first checking with the Hubbard Brook research team.

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This program lets you pick a single tree of a selected species from a selected region of the watershed.

Please choose a species: 
Please choose a zone: 
Please enter a diameter for the tree in cm: 
Note:  the diameter you enter should be between 2 and 100 cm for sugar maple, beech or yellow birch, and between 2 and 50 cm for the other species.  (There are no fir, spruce or white birch larger than about 50 cm.)

Do you want to alter the height of the tree?
If so, enter a percent change (e.g. enter 2 for an increase of 2% or -3 for a decrease of 3%): 

Do you want to do the chemistry?: 
If so, select an element from the list: 
Note: The element concentrations used in this program are averages for all elevations rather than individual concentrations from each elevation zone.

For an overview of how all these calculations are being made click here.

    Please note that this page may undergo changes in the future as we develop new ideas for calculating biomass.  In the meantime, we welcome any suggestions that you may have for this page at thomas.siccama@yale.edu.
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